July Updates


As schools in the UK break for summer holidays at the end of the academic year, schools in Uganda are only two-thirds of the way through their second term.

We are always glad to report that all is well in Uganda, and here are a few of the latest items to keep you updated.


Miracle was diagnosed with cough and flu, he received medical attention at Zia Health Centre. His health is improving and we expect a quick recovery.

Tony was diagnosed with the flu. Mother Agnes has been taking good care of him as she administers the prescribed drugs to him. His health is now better.

Upcoming Events and Fundraisers…

Sunday 1st September


We have four runners entered in this year's event.

Keep an eye on Facebook for details of how you can sponsor them - coming soon!

Come down and support the runners in Cardiff!

Friday 20th September


Fundraising night in The Colliers Arms in Porth, Rhondda, CF39 9LF - Bingo, raffles

Raising money for Resettlement Packs (mattresses, suitcases, clothes, school fees and more) and to paint some of the bedrooms at the Children's Home.

The 3 R's

Rescuing, Rehabilitation and Resettlement

Emma and Olivia went for a meeting at Wakiso District headquarters. The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Gender for Wakiso municipal council.

During the meeting, the Chairperson for Gender emphasised that Child Care Institutions should focus on the 3 R’s i.e. Rescuing, Rehabilitation and Resettlement of children.

Even when children are resettled, fostered or adopted the work does not stop there.

Social workers continue to visit the children and families - at home and at school - providing both the child and their families with the support required to strengthen them all as a family unit.

Follow Up Visit - Daniel

In July, Emmanuel and Teddy (social workers) visited Daniel at his secondary school. Daniel was fine and looking healthy. They were able to interact with his teachers and they were so proud of him for his change in discipline and personal management at school. The teachers are providing guidance and always monitor his progress. It was good and exciting to hear that Daniel is experiencing a positive change.


Daniel is one of the 20 children resettled whose school fees we continue to pay.

We do this so that his education is guaranteed, whilst still providing an opportunity for each child and family to break the cycle of disadvantage and poverty.

We already have sponsors for 9 of the children but are looking for sponsors for Daniel and another 10 children.

Could you help? Would you like to know more? Please click the link below....
Harvey Jones