School Speech Day, August 2019


In August there was a school speech day at the Primary school where 25 children from the Children’s Home attend. Staff members Emma, Teddy and Mother Racheal were accompanied by some of the Secondary School Children who went as their brothers and sisters were performing.

The following report was received from Emmanuel (Social Worker) .

It was great seeing our children participate in various activities, and was so colourful as the children got an opportunity to engage in music, dance and drama.


These activities help children to develop their talents as they learn how to interact with each other in a healthy and compassionate manner, in addition to building a team work spirit.

Children participated in various activities during the speech day. Kevin participated in Scouting; Praise participated in dancing; Isaac participated in Acrobatics; Naome was registering parents at the school registration desk; Kate participated in a fashion show; Lisa and Isaac participated in reciting poems; and among the children who participated in singing were Elvin, Sarah, Mercy, Hopeking, Paul, Isaac and Angel.

During the event, the school administration appreciated various outstanding children in regard to academic excellence; smartness; discipline; sports; and music, dance and drama. Those children at the Home who were appreciated and received gifts included Isaac for Sports, and Kevin, Elvin and Hopeking for Academic excellence. We were very happy that our children received gifts. The gifts have worked as a motivational factor for our children to develop their talents and also improve on their abilities.


• School-drama builds children's confidence. Children like Praise and Elvin were very confident and could remember all the dancing strokes during their class dance presentations.

• Reciting poems and storytelling are good ways to help increase a child's vocabulary as it enhances mental organisation. As a child is performing he/she must remember what step comes first and what follows thereafter.

• Music enhances cognitive skills. The song lyrics during singing nourish brain development and can connect a child to learning a new language.

• I observed that singing together as a group in a choir improves children's behaviour. It helps them to bond, whatever the song or language. They can express their feelings of joy and excitement.

• Music Dance and Drama is a crucial tool of assessing children's development and progress. Children develop spatial awareness and those struggling with language can express their feelings through dance and movements.


The speech day was so colourful. We are grateful for the various gifts and talents given to all the children.


Harvey Jones