Weekly Report


The children at the home are doing well. They are healthy and growing stronger. We thank God that they are meeting their age appropriate development milestones. During the interactions with the mothers the following were noted:-


· Children have undergone a series of learning sessions for doing house chores under the supervision and guidance of their mothers. This has been done to instill the sense of responsibility among the children as they grow up. Getting children involved in doing chores gives them a massive set of life skills that will benefit them forever. They learn skills on how to run a home as they actively participate in house cleaning, learn how to cook, how to wash clothes, and cleaning the compound. Both boys and girls equally participate in doing house chores.

· Mothers provide parental guidance to help children to work toward building a purpose-driven life. Children’s personalities and character have been and are always discovered during interaction sessions as they do their house chores i.e hard working, slow, lazy, team player etc. This helps mothers to support each individual child to develop into a responsible and productive person when their strengths and weaknesses have been identified.


Miracle was diagnosed with cough and flu, he received medical attention at Zia Health Centre. His health is improving and we pray to God for his quick recovery.

Tony was diagnosed with flu. Mother Agnes has been taking good care of him as she administers the prescribed drugs to him. His health is now better.


During the week, the children participated in social activities of play with the Mothers.

A young boy who was admitted at in May is now settling in at the home. His health has greatly improved. He can ably walk and run around the corridor as he plays with his friends. He is social and interacts with others freely. Mother Racheal commented that he has learnt a few Luganda words like “Njagala Meere’’ meaning, I want food.


Emma and Olivia went for a meeting at Wakiso District headquarters. The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Gender for Wakiso municipal council. During the meeting, the Chairperson for Gender emphasised that Child Care Iinstitutions should focus on the 3 R’s i.e. Rescuing, Rehabilitation and Resettlement of children.


Harvey Jones