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Keeping Girls in School - Reusable Sanitary Towels

Without sanitary ware, girls are missing school every month, some even leaving education completely at the onset of puberty. Our Keeping Girls in School project provides vulnerable girls with reusable sanitary towels and underwear, which help them to stay in school.

AFRIpads (made in Uganda) are cost-effective reusable sanitary towels that provide girls with a sustainable solution to periods, providing cleanliness, comfort and dignity. It costs £6 to buy and distribute underwear and a pack of AFRIpads, which includes 3 normal flow pads, 1 heavy flow pad and a bag to store them in. If cared for appropriately these pads can last for over 1 year. 

Together we are helping girls stay in school every week of the month.

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To donate a pack of AFRIpads and a pair of underwear, please click the link below.


Community Education Support Project (CESP)

27 children in the local community are enrolled on the CESP scheme, where financial support is given so that they can receive an education. Juliette works with the children, parents and teachers of these children to help develop their English skills and their capacity to learn. This scheme is overseen by Brian Mukalazi (Field and Education Co-ordinator), and this year, the Primary children are sponsored by Sevenhills Wholefoods. 

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