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Giving Children an Opportunity to Live in a Family Setting

In the past, many children were placed in care due to poverty.  Poverty does not need to be a permanent destination, and with the right kind of support, children can be resettled with family members and have the opportunity to grow up in their own family. Children are only resettled if it is in their best interest.

Every child deserves the right to grow up in a family, and since 2015 we have been working to resettle children with family members, alleviating the financial pressures that resulted in them being placed in care in the first place.  Since 2017, we have been looking for foster families for children who cannot be resettled, and to date have successfully placed 5 children in foster families.

To date, over 30 children have either been resettled with family members or fostered, and we financially support 20 of them, with 9 already having sponsors.  The financial support pays for school fees, social work visits to ensure that the child’s education and home life are progressing well, a medical emergency fund, and may include scholastic materials.  The cost of this support is varies depending on the child’s class, but ranges from £20 per month for a Nursery Class child, up to £40 per month for a child sitting A levels or in Vocational College.

Vincent’s story (name changed to protect identity)
Vincent lost his father when he was five years old. His mother had four children and she was unable to take care of them due to ill health caused by HIV/Aids. Vincent was starving and had no access to education. Vincent was placed into care in 2008 along with 2 of his siblings. His mother is HIV positive, but her health has improved since taking the recommended anti-retroviral drugs (ARV’s) combined with a healthy diet of fruit and silver fish. She now runs a small shop and is now in a position to care for her children.

Vincent and his 2 siblings were resettled with their mother in 2016, and we continue to pay for their school fees, some scholastic materials, for social work visits and we have a medical emergency fund available should they need it.

Vincent is so happy to be reunited with his mother, “I got an opportunity to enjoy my mother’s love, which I was missing for a long period while I was staying in care”.

Could you sponsor a child like Vincent and give them an opportunity to receive an education and grow up in a family?

£20-40 per month would provide a child like Vincent with: -

·         An education

·         Scholastic materials (if required)

·         Medical emergency fund

·         Social Work visits

·         An opportunity to grow up in a family


In turn, at the end of each term you can expect to receive: -

·         A letter from your sponsored child

·         A copy of their school report

·         A recent picture of your sponsored child


To ensure that all children receive the support that they need, we as an organisation pay the education costs for all the children.  The children are not aware who has and who hasn’t got a sponsor.  We feel that this is the best way, so that children do not get let down or feel left out or unworthy.  The children write the letters to the project, and will never get to know of your involvement, but be assured that together, we will be making a huge difference to the sponsored child and their family. 


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