Our Projects

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Caring for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda has evolved greatly over the past 5 or so years.  Initially it consisted solely of residential care but has now changed to better reflect the needs of each child. The focus at all times is to provide family-based care wherever possible.

Childcare provided by the project now includes residential care, resettlement care, foster care and adoption.

Temporary Care

Temporary Care is provided at the Children’s Home in Namugongo – this caters for the short-term needs of children who may have been lost, abandoned or trafficked. It provides a safe place for the children to stay until family members are traced.  Once family members are located, Victory Child Care Project social workers work with the police to reunify these children with their families.



Education is at the heart of everything we do, whether it be the formal education of children, education of income generating grant recipients, health education, or parenting education.


Healthcare in Uganda is not a free service, and so as well as looking after the health of the children at Victory Child Care Project, we also provide emergency financial support for children within the local community.

Community Strengthening and Support

Our Keeping Girls in School project provides vulnerable girls with reusable sanitary towels and underwear, helping to keep them in school.

We support the education of children in the local community, and provide this service as part of our community strengthening/preventative abandonment campaign. 


Buildings and Maintenance

Over the years, buildings have been built according to the needs of Victory Child Care Project, which include the recent building of a new block for older children, and a block for receiving children needing temporary care. There is also an ongoing maintenance plan, ensuring that the children and staff's needs at Victory Child Care Project are constantly met.

Finance has also been provided to support other Ugandan projects with building work.