Primary School Visit


Saturday 29th June was a visitation day at St. Posiano Primary School. It was such an exciting moment visiting the pupils and checking on their academic progress in class. Emmanuel (Field and Education Officer) and Agnes (House Mother) went to visit the children where they received a warm welcome, and the children were fine and healthy.

Here is Emma’s report.

Interaction with children in the Boarding section

I heard from each individual child and discussed their life and academic challenges. In reference to each child’s mid-term class results, I encouraged them to read hard and put more effort on improving in their weak subjects. Naome has challenges in Math and Praise has challenges in Math, Science and SST. We discussed their academic challenges and I encouraged them to use their study time well. I advised them to always consult their teachers and friends for guidance and correction as they revise their books.

Lunch with children

Emma and Mother Agnes went to visit the children. They were very happy and excited to receive us during their school visitation day. They had a good time with Mother Agnes as she encouraged them to read their books for academic excellence. They received their school visit package and each child got some pocket money. We encouraged them to stay focused at attaining academic excellence, which will help them to achieve their personal dreams in life.


Children’s academic progress

I received academic progress reports for 25 pupils supported at school by Tŷ Cariad Africa from various class teachers. The report cards were compiled with results for Beginning of term (BOT) and MID – Term examinations. Mostof the children are doing well


The school visitation day was successful. We thank God for his love and care for the children. They can attain education in a good school.

Report compiled by; Semuko Emmanuel


Harvey Jones