An interview with Jan Jones – Trustee


My first visit to Uganda was in April 2010.  To be honest, I went with some hesitation as I didn’t like flying (STILL DON’T!!) and being a teacher, I didn’t relish the thought of spending my holiday with yet more children.

That first visit now seems a lifetime away, the charity Tŷ Cariad Africa has now become an important and central part of my life, and my family’s.  I’m now a Trustee of Tŷ Cariad Africa.

As a charity we support a number of projects including:-

Uganda Hands for Hope – which aims to alleviate poverty and facilitate lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable children and families living in urban slums in Namuwongo, Uganda.


Kyampisi Childcare Ministries – who work tirelessly in the fight against child sacrifice throughout Uganda, provide education for families in poverty, and look to strengthen the local community.


And the main project that we support is Victory Child Care Project-Ty Cariad which is a childrens home/transition centre in Namugongo, near Kampala in Uganda.


As a project this has grown over the years.  Children now come for temporary care for various reasons e.g. child trafficking, being removed from unsuitable institutions, or due to family circumstances.  Children are now reunified with family members – it’s all very exciting stuff!  Every time I visit I’m in awe of the amazing work that the staff do.  All of the staff are Ugandans and do their very best for the children and young adults in their care.

Every time we visit Uganda we take items or money to buy items that are needed over there.  I will be returning to Uganda in April this year, and this year we are raising money to buy reusable sanitary towels for girls and young women.  Sanitary towels are something we don’t even think about in the Western world, but in the area where all three projects are, there are poor families with teenagers and young mothers who cannot afford to buy sanitary towels on a monthly basis.  Having reusable sanitary towels will help them save money for other basic needs, and will help girls to stay in school.  We hope to raise enough to buy at least 100 packs of reusable sanitary towels (Afripads) so that they can be distributed during our visit.  The cost of these packs is just £5.00 (including distribution).

Every visit I learn a little more about Ugandan culture and the difficulties faced by many.  Because of this I am motivated to do whatever I can to make a difference.

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.” Nelson Mandela

Harvey Jones