300 Club Education Update – Term 1 – 2017


What is the 300 Club?

The 300 Club is a group of people who financially contribute to the education of children in Uganda in and around the Victory Child Care Project children’s home in Namugongo.  The aim is to gain the support of 300 people who are willing to support us financially in providing an education for these children.

How many members are there and how many children do they support?

Currently there are 45 members of the 300 Club who provide finance to help support the education of 73 children.


Why do they need my support, I thought that there was free education in Uganda?

You are correct, there is free education from government schools, but there are other items that need to be purchased, and these items are usually what families cannot afford.  These items can include books, pens, pencils, shoes, uniforms, transport to school, meals whilst in school, mock exams, toilet paper and other items. Even though we would see these costs as being low, many families cannot afford them, and therefore the children miss out and don’t receive an education.

So if I support the 300 Club, what will an education provide for these children?

There are so many benefits for the children, their parents and siblings that you can give them by providing education support:-

  • Education – providing opportunities for children and families to help break the poverty cycle
  • Life skills – learning to work with others, respect for others, communicating with others
  • Safety – children who attend school are at a reduced risk of exploitation, all forms of abuse, child labour and trafficking
  • Health – children in the early years classes are provided with breakfast every day, and children attending Primary 3 upwards receive breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Reduces financial burden on the family – Ugandan families usually have a lot of children, so by supporting the education for some children within a family, they may be able to afford to support other children for their education. This reduces the financial burden, and gives them hope as their financial responsibilities may become more achievable.

Looks like you need my help, how do I sign up?

Yes, we need your help to sustain and develop our support for these children and families – thank you! Please click here to sign up!!


Harvey Jones