Education Update - End Of Term 1 2018


Education is vitally important to all children, it gives them hope, and provides an opportunity to break the cycle of disadvantage and poverty.

We provide education for children at the Children’s Home, children who have been resettled or fostered, and children in the local community through our Community Education Support Project (CESP) - children who otherwise would not get an education. 

Primary School children from Victory Child Care Project Children's Home ready to start school at St. Ponsiano.

Primary School children from Victory Child Care Project Children's Home ready to start school at St. Ponsiano.


In term 1, we paid school fees and provided scholastic materials such as pens, books, and even toilet paper for 42 children from the children’s home, 12 children who have been fostered or successfully resettled with family members, and 28 children from the local community as part of the Community Education Support Project (CESP).  These 82 children are receiving an education because of your help – thank you!



Children at Victory Child Care Project Children's Home

During term 1, we supported 34 children from the home in Primary School, and 8 children in secondary school.

It was a term of great change for the children, as all Primary children started in a new school - St. Ponsiano Primary School - and 5 of them were starting school for the very first time.


They have all settled in extremely well, and the end of term reports are encouraging.  Here are a few of their results and comments:-

Sadat (Middle Class) - “Sadat is a good boy and likes learning” - term 1 results 482 out of 500
Hassan (Top Class) - "Hassan is interested in learning" - term 1 results 453 out of 500
Hussein (Primary 1) - "Well done Hussein, do not relax" - term 1 results 591 out of 600
Martin (Primary 2) - "He is a well behaved boy" - term 1 results 512 out of 600


Having passed their Primary 7 Primary Leaving Exams last November, Samuel, Rebecca Joy, Freda and Lydia all started at Bethany Secondary School this term. 

Samuel in particular has settled in well and is thoroughly enjoying his new school. His average mark in all his subjects is 86.53%, with a high score of 100% in mathematics.  His teacher commented - "This is so awesome, keep the spirit".

Left to Right: Juliette, Monica and Shamira

Left to Right: Juliette, Monica and Shamira


Three students started vocational training last term - Juliette, Monica and Shamira.  All have settled in well to their new surroundings, and all are progressing well.

Juliette has been resettled and lives with family members, but we still support her education fees so that she can continue her education. She is now studying Catering and Hotel Management along with Shamira, and has started promisingly.

Monica lives in the local community, and is supported for education through the Community Education Support Project (CESP). She started at the same institute as Juliette and Shamira, but is studying Electrical Installation and Maintenance. "Monica is a disciplined girl and capable of even performing better".

Shamira has also started Catering and Hotel Management, and passed her first term with a distinction, with 4 exam results out of 8 scoring over 90%.  She has been living at the children's home, but has been resettled with family members during the holiday time between the first and second term.  We will continue to support her vocational fees while we look for a sponsor for her under the Education Resettlement Support programme.



Community Education Support (CESP)

In term 1, we supported the education of 28 children from the local community.  Without support, they would not be able to afford an education.  2 children are in vocational training, 2 in Secondary education, and 24 children were in Primary School education and were supported by Sevenhills Wholefoods.

Sevenhills Wholefoods are supporting our CESP Primary programme this year to educate 24 children and also to help develop their English skills.

Teacher Juliette with some of the CESP children at Namugongo Mixed Primary School

Teacher Juliette with some of the CESP children at Namugongo Mixed Primary School


Joseph (Primary 1) - “He is a friendly, well behaved boy”.
Leticia (Primary 2) - "She can interact freely with others".
Gloria (Primary 3) - “She is confident”.
Saul (Primary 3) - "He can communicate effectively".
Enock (Senior 3) - “A promising student”. Ranked 7th out of 135 in his year group.

Congratulations to Michael who passed his exams and has been awarded a National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics.



Education Support for Resettled and Fostered Children
Where possible, Victory Child Care Project looks to resettle children with family members.  Usually support is required to continue the children’s education, and so we ensure that school fees are paid, and get copies of their reports from the school. During the first term we supported 12 resettled or fostered children with their school fees.

Hope (Top Class) - "She confidently expresses herself, and always cooperates with others".
Hadijah (Senior 5) - "She is active in class".

Michael's comments - "I thank you for taking me to a good school; it is amongst the best ones in my home district and the neighbouring ones."

Morris' comments - "I truly thank you for whatever support you render to me especially the school fees. You’re really showing and shaping me for a brighter future. Thank you for the counselling, guidance and encouragement you provide. You always tell me to associate with the right people and also concentrate on my studies. Few children have a chance to access such advice."



Developing English Skills
As mentioned previously, we have received grant funding this year to expand the Developing English Skills programme so that children enrolled on the Community Education Support Project will also benefit.

Developing English Skills is not about producing A-grade students, but about increasing children's confidence and communication skills using the English language.

We are pleased with the initial impact on the CESP children, particularly when we see comments which mention communication and confidence. 

One of the ways that always engages and encourages children, is story times.  Here are a couple of photos from a recent story time at the children's home.


Harvey Jones