Emergency Medical Funds Needed – can you help?


Funding for the NHS never seems to be too far from the news, and while people have opinions about the service they receive – some good, some not so – the NHS still remains a free service.  Uganda has no such system, and so, if you need medical treatment you have to pay for it – if you can afford it.


Since the beginning of the year, Tŷ Cariad Africa has spent over £1,150 on medical emergency treatment in Uganda. We have paid for:-

·         surgery and recovery when one of the boys at the children’s home fell and broke his arm (£720)

·         an operation to remove an umbilical hernia from a young girl from the local community (£160)

·         an operation to remove a very large umbilical hernia from a young boy in Kyampisi Childcare Ministries community (£200)

·         surgery and recovery for another boy at the children’s home after breaking his finger (£70)

Agnes - April 2018c.png

We now have another medical emergency. Agnes, a housemother at the children’s home, has a lump in her mouth which needs urgent surgery to remove it.  The lump is 3cm x 2cm, and as you can imagine, causes discomfort and concern for Agnes. The initial cost of assessment and surgery is £400, but Agnes had decided not to have the operation as she could not afford it – it is around 6 months’ salary.  We really appreciate all the staff who look after the children in Uganda, their commitment and focus to care for the children is second to none. We have therefore given the go ahead to proceed with the surgery. We don’t yet know how much the total bill will be as it will depend on the recovery process and treatment and medication needed after the operation.


Could you help towards the cost of Agnes’ operation and recovery?  Could you spare £5, £20 or more to help us provide the emergency treatment that she needs? 


Harvey Jones