300 Club


One of our aims is to provide orphans and vulnerable children with access to education.  There are more than 57 million children around the world do not go to primary school.  At least 250 million children cannot read or count. 

Every child should have the chance to go to school, but it’s also about making sure they are well taught and that what they learn actually improves their opportunities in life.  Without a good education, they will be less likely to get a job and look after themselves and their families in the future.

We are looking for 300 people to give at least £1 per week, to help us meet our current education costs of around £24,000 per year.

If you would like to be one of the 300 and would like to help provide these children with an education, please click below and sign up online.  

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All Gift Aid claimed will be used for the charity's general fund